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Training & Support

Krispy Kreme provides training and support for franchise owners to help them in all aspects of operating a market and the stores within that market, including:

  • Business strategy
  • Market planning
  • Site selection
  • Store design
  • Production planning & execution
  • Beverage/coffee production
  • Retail operations
  • Crew member training
  • Hospitality
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Marketing

Initial training for new franchisees is held in a Krispy Kreme training store either in the United States or in an international market that is in close geographical proximity to the franchisee. Krispy Kreme franchise owners are required to attend a one-week training program prior to opening their first store. The concept general manager and store manager are also required to complete 12 weeks of training prior to opening the first store.

Knowledgeable trainers integrate classroom learning along with essential hands-on experience in a store environment. At the conclusion of training, all trainees will have an excellent foundation in the core skills of making doughnuts, coffee and other Krispy Kreme products, providing great service to guests, and the overall principals for managing their business.

New franchisees will also gain a strong understanding of the Krispy Kreme brand through their store training experience.

Two Krispy Kreme employees

Krispy Kreme provides ongoing support through an assortment of in-market training classes for store managers, assistant managers, multi-unit managers, equipment technicians and training leaders. These multi-day classes are held regionally in markets around the world, giving franchisees ample opportunity to offer a variety of training opportunities to their teams. Training formats include:

  • Printed training materials
  • Classroom training
  • Videos
  • New product guides
  • Online learning courses
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